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Employee, Benefit, and Payroll Forms

Forms are periodically revised to comply with changes to state and federal laws as well as keep pace with generally accepted best practices.

General Employee and Payroll Forms

  Agreement for Salary Reduction [32 KB]

  Background Screening Form [143KB]

  Change of Employee Data Form [24KB]

  Employee's State Withholding Certificate 2014 [65KB]

  I-9 Form [462KB]

  Independent Contractor Agreement Form [224KB]

  Independent Contractor Agreement Flow Chart [26KB]

  Independent Contractor Agreement for Grants Flow Chart [106KB]

  Mailing Label/List Request [35KB]

  Notice to Employee Form [118KB]

  Payroll/Accounting Deduction Request [33KB]

  Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization [98KB]

  Request to View Personnel File [138KB]

  Staff Exit Checklist [28KB]

  Volunteering [11KB]

  W-4 Form (2014) [225KB]

Benefits Forms

  TIAA-CREF Beneficiary Form [46KB]

  Tuition Exchange Application [15KB]

  Tuition Exchange Information [47KB]

  Tuition Remission Application [22KB] 

  Universal Beneficiary Designation Form [47KB]

  Vacation Request Form [28KB]

  Volunteering [11KB]

  W-4 Form (2014) [225KB]