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Training and Professional Development

The University of the Pacific provides a wide range of training and professional development programs for all staff members.  

All University employees are eligible to attend any training and professional development program, as appropriate.  While there may be fees associated with certain programs, the majority of the programs offered through the University have no fees.

Human Resources

Training provided through Human Resources are:

If your need access to a computer to complete this training requirement or have any questions, contact Human Resources for assistance. Thank you for taking the time to make this training a success. 

Office of Assesment Training & Technology

Pacific provides a wide range of no-cost training courses, series and resources to help enhance and develop your skills to be successful.  These are offered through the Office of Assessment, Training & Technology from Learning + Development.

For additional information, contact the Learning + Development Team.

Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council also provides resources such as Your Career Path at Pacific and to encourage staff development opportunities, SAC may apply for a Staff Development Scholarship.