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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


2014 is a University-wide training year for sexual harassment prevention for all University employees to include faculty, staff and students. If you have not completed the required training in this calendar year, you will soon receive a registration email from Workplace Answers eLearning that contains your unique, personal link to access and complete your training on any computer with an Internet connection. Contact Human Resources with any questions. 

University of the Pacific is committed to fostering and maintaining a respectful and positive compus climate and our policies, including those that prohibit sexual and other unlawful harassment and discrimination, reflect our dedication to this commitment.

Participation in this education is important for all members of the University as sexual harassment affects the well-being of our entire University community.

If your need access to a computer to complete this training requirement or have any questions, contact Human Resources for assistance. Thank you for taking the time to make this training a success.