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Financial Aid Calendar



Early Admission- Freshmen only
November  Application deadline, admission and Powell Scholars Program
January 15  FAFSA priority filing deadline
March Powell Scholarship winners announced
April Financial aid award  notifications 
June  Complete your file (only if selected for Verification)
Regular Admission
January Priority application deadline, freshman admission
January 15  FAFSA priority filing deadline
April Financial aid award notifications 
June  Complete your file (only if selected for Verification)
Transfer Admission (if applying for financial aid)
February Priority application deadline, transfer admission and  FAFSA
May Financial aid awards mailed in at the end of May 
June  Complete your file (only if selected for Verification)
Cal Grant Awards
March 2

Filing deadline for  FAFSA and  Cal Grant GPA Verification Form

State law requires that all California public high school districts and charters electronically submit students GPA to the Commission directly. However, you can submit a school verified "paper" GPA to the Commission. Form must be completed and signed by a representative from your high school campus and submitted to the Commission by the March 2 deadline. 

Spring Cal Grant winners notified by the California Student Aid Commission



March 2        FAFSA and Cal Grant renewal deadline
April Financial Aid Summer Worksheet is available in early April
June Returning student award  notifications
Complete your file (only if selected for Verification)