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Work-Study and Student Employment

Federal Work-Study

Pacific participates in the Federal Work-Study program. Students who are awarded Federal Work-Study are eligible to apply for on-campus work-study jobs. Receiving Federal Work-Study does not guarantee students a position on campus. Available work-study positions can be viewed through  Tiger Jobs, Pacific's online job board. Incoming students can access Tiger Jobs through insidePacific (on the Living Tab) after August 23rd. In the meantime, new students should review the Student Employment FAQ's and begin preparing their resumes, so they will be ready to apply for positions after August 23rd. 

As a condition of using Work-Study, federal regulations stipulate that a student can earn only as much Work-Study as they have been awarded for that academic year. In order to utilize Work-Study, your Financial Aid file must be complete with all financial aid requirements signed off. Once your financial aid file is complete, and you have been hired, Federal Work-Study Authorization Card may be picked up in the Office of Financial Aid.

 Work-Study Information for Students

Work-Study Information for Supervisors

Work-Study is available to students who are enrolled at least half-time:

 Enrollment Period  First Day Eligible to Work  Last Day Eligible to Work
 Fall only  August 16, 2016  December 16, 2016
 Fall/Spring  August 16, 2016  May 11, 2017
 Spring only  January 16, 2016  May 11, 2017
 Trimester students (Pharm D & DPT)  August 16, 2016  June 30, 2017

Important: Please notify the Office of Financial Aid when making changes or adjustments to your employment.

On- and Off-Campus Employment

Many Pacific departments on campus also employ our students who are not eligible to receive funds through the Federal Work-Study program or have exceeded their Federal Work-Study allocation.

Because many local businesses rely upon Pacific students to fill positions within the local business community, opportunities for off-campus employment are available for our students.

Career Resource Center

For more information about on- and off- campus jobs and career training and development visit Pacific's Career Resource Center.