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Institutional Priorities Committee

The Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) is the primary planning and budgeting group of the University, and serves as a principal advisory body to the President regarding the resourcing of University priorities.

The members of the Institutional Priorities Committee include:
  • The President
  • The Provost and Vice Presidents
  • Five faculty members (including one faculty member from either the School of Law or the School of Dentistry)
  • A representative of the School of Law and the School of Dentistry if not represented in other positions
  • Two Deans
  • Two administrative representatives
  • One staff member
  • Two students

The IPC charge is to:

1. Review and update the University strategic plan and monitor University strategy and progress toward goals.
2. Further the integration of strategic planning and budgeting processes by:

a) recommending guidelines for strategic planning and budgeting processes;
b) ensuring that budgetary investments and allocations align to institutional priorities; and
c) integrating campus and program level plans and outcomes into institutional strategy.

3. Establish the institutional strategic budgeting context by:

a) recommending strategies to achieve planning priorities;
b) formalizing budget assumptions;
c) reviewing and making recommendations regarding drafts of the annual budget; and
d) evaluating and improving the ongoing planning and budgeting processes as appropriate.