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What is PacificCONNECT?

The University of the Pacific has implemented a campus emergency notification system, named PacificCONNECT, which will allow the Office of Public Safety and other key administrators to send time-sensitive notifications via voice, e-mail and text messaging. The campus emergency notification system will help us provide a safer environment, enhanced emergency communication and will keep our students, staff and faculty better informed.

How it works

In the event of an emergency on or near campus, the Office of Public Safety or key administrator will voice and/or text a message that will be distributed immediately through PacificCONNECT, notifying those registered with appropriate information about the emergency. Emergency notifications will be limited to such things as severe weather alerts, emergency building concerns, intruders or life/safety events. The system will be tested periodically throughout the year.

Confidentiality of information

The information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other department or system. Click here to view the privacy policy for PacificCONNECT.


All students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to register up to nine phone numbers, two e-mail addresses or two text messages for emergency notifications. For your own personal safety, we strongly encourage you to register your cell phone/PDA devices as your primary contact. The technology used allows for pagers and cell phones to be notified first in the event of an emergency. The information you provide will only be used for emergency communication. Registration itself takes place through insidePacific.

How to register for emergency notification:

  1. Go to insidepacific
  2. Enter your Pacific Net ID
  3. Enter your password
  4. Go to Administrative tab(top left menu bar)
  5. Scroll down to " Pacific' Emergency Notification Services channel"
  6. Select - "Update my profile"
  7. Verify existing information
  8. If changes are needed, enter changes
  9. Update any emergency contact information. (Remember - you can register up to nine voice phone numbers and two email addresses or text messages for emergency notification).
  10. Do not fill in the "International Access Code and Phone Numbers", as the system will not accept it.
  11. Do not enter on-campus number beginning with the prefix (in Stockton - area code 209- restricted prefixes - 946 and 932. In Sacramento - area code 916 - restricted prefixes - 340,453,733 and 739. In San Francisco - area code 415 - restricted prefixes 351, 729 and 749.
  12. Review your changes
  13. By clicking Submit - you're acknowledging that the information you've provided is "Knowingly" accurate and providing false information, will jeopardize your safety and can lead to disciplinary action
  14. If no changes are needed, click "Cancel"
  15. When finished, click the "Submit" button. Your information will be validated and you will receive a success message. Click "Save." You will returned to you're insidePacific page.

Questions about registration?

For the most frequently asked questions please visit the OIT FAQ.

For any questions or assistance with PacificCONNECT, you can always contact the Helpdesk. You can also send questions via email.

You can also contact campus security:

  • Dane Bradley- San Francisco Campus
    Director of Security
    (415) 929-6669
  • Brian Sasom- Sacramento Campus
    Director of Campus Safety
    (916) 739.7306
  • Michael Belcher - Stockton Campus
    Director of Campus Safety
  • Dane Bradley - San Francisco Campus
    Director of Campus Safety
  • Jackie Long - Sacramento Campus
    Director of Campus Safety