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Staff Advisory Council

About Staff Advisory Council

The primary responsibility of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is to encourage participation by staff, in an advisory role, in university matters and to represent staff and staff concerns to university administration. For more information, see SAC BY-LAWS.

The Staff Advisory Council's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Address staff concerns and issues as they arise
  • Provide a staff voice on University Standing Committees (See committees information)
  • Promote and encourage staff development opportunities
  • Support activities to build community and increase staff morale and staff satisfaction

SAC meets monthly on the third Friday of the month. (See meeting schedule) At the meetings, representatives conduct current business, hear from committee representatives and usually have a guest speaker. All staff members are welcome and encouraged to attend SAC meetings. Council representatives elect an executive board that consists of the Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Executive board members serve one year, except for the Chair Elect. The Chair elect becomes the Chair in the following fiscal year, and then continues in an advisory capacity for an additional year as Past Chair.

The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources serves in an ex-officio advisory capacity to SAC. The Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Regents is the Administrative Liaison for SAC.

Your Career Path at Pacific

SAC in conjunction with Human Resources has developed a web site to assist you with your career path at Pacific.  Click Your Career Path at Pacific to discover these tools, resources and to read success stories from some of your colleagues.


To help promote and encourage staff development opportunities, SAC has been granted a Staff Development Scholarship Fund. Each quarter, staff may apply for a scholarship toward training that will equip or enhance skills directly related to the employee’s position and support Pacific’s mission. See SAC Scholarship for more information.