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Lifelong Learning for those 50 & better!         REGISTER NOW!                       

Society focuses on diet and physical activity when it comes to aging and health but those aren't the whole story.  Dr. Robert Halliwell, Professor of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, lectured last spring that learning new things triggers brain cell growth.  The Arts are often overlooked but they can be beneficial for your health too.

Trying something new can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable as you start as a novice, but in supportive settings like those at OLLI, new things help people make connections with one another.  Ask Deanna Hunt's art students, at varying degrees of mastery in drawing and watercolor, or any member of Magen Solomon's "Discover the Joy of Singing" how learning new things together can build relationships.

Research shows that participatory programs promote better health.  There is increased social engagement combating the feeling of isolation and increasing cognitive function, resulting in improved physical and mental health. 

If you approach learning with enthusiasm and enjoy being part of a group, consider stepping out beyond the traditional lectures and participate in an Arts Program with OLLI this fall.  If you yearn for a learning environment that challenges your mind, expands your spirit and engages your emotions, come back to school with OLLI@Pacific.  It's fun this time around now that you have extra time and needn't worry about homework, tests or grades!

-Judith Janes
OLLI@Pacific Director  



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