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Lifelong Learning for those 50 & better!         REGISTER NOW!                       

One of the ways to boost the chances of a satisfying retirement is to remain engaged and challenged.  Lifelong learning can help get you there. 

Why lifelong learning?

  • Pick only the topics you want to learn more about. Now is the perfect time to pursue areas that truly spark your interest.  When educational choices are no longer dictated by degree requirements, deciding what to learn becomes your personal choice. With OLLI, there's no homework, tests or grades!

  • Learning keeps you sharp. When you no longer receive the stimulation that comes with a job and its challenges, it is easy to lose your edge. Continuing to learn through new experiences with OLLI keeps your mind engaged and your thinking clear.  Plus, you'll have something to discuss besides the weather at social events.

  • You have the time. How do you stay busy with all of the free time you inherited in retirement?  Lifelong learning can fill hours with interesting and engaging challenges.  Whether you cultivate your creative side or lean toward academics, the newly found knowledge and skills you acquire with OLLI will be something to be proud of.

  • Learning keeps you socially engaged. While you were engaged in a career, it is conceivable that those you interacted with in the workplace became your circle of friends. Participating in OLLI with other retirees can reconnect you to old friends opening new avenues of interaction and introduce you to new ones inside and outside of the classroom.

Click on our summer brochure and calendar to learn more about OLLI@Pacific's summer semester. 



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