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Congratulations to Chad Reed - Our Outstanding 2014 Graduate!
The Student Achievements page lists all student awards for 2014.
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The Communication Department offers a varied curriculum that includes both the classical courses associated with the discipline and those that reflect contemporary developments in the field.

Develop Exceptional Communication Skills and Understanding

Our mission is to prepare students as leaders in their communities and careers by developing their understanding of communication theory and research methodologies, as well as their proficiency in oral, written and mediated communication.

Prepare for Career Success

We now live in an "information society," and literally thousands of career and professional avenues are open to those who successfully prepare themselves in any of the emphasis areas offered in the department.

Our courses prepare students for communication-related professions in such fields as business, industry, public relations, mass media, pre-law and education.

Graduate Program

The Communication department offers graduate-level instruction leading toward the Master of Arts degree. The graduate degree program combines training in communication theory, methodology and practice. It is intended for students who desire knowledge and skills for solving work-related communication problems and for those who intend to enter doctoral programs.

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