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Welcome to the Department of History

Congratulations to Our Outstanding 2014 Graduates!

John Langdon - History
Mario Petri - Social Sciences

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We believe that the study of history is exciting, vibrant and vitally relevant to understanding the world in which we live. Through intense classroom contact, innovative teaching methods and extensive student research projects, we instill in our students human values, critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the complexities of issues that have been of perennial importance.

Remembering Dr. Caroline Cox

Dr. Caroline Cox, professor of History and former interim Dean of the College of the Pacific, passed away on Friday, July 11, 2014, after a sustained battle with cancer. During her 15-year career at Pacific, Dr. Cox influenced a generation of students with her keen scholarship, commitment to academic excellence, and deep investment in her students' successes. Learn more about the life of our extraordinary colleague >> 

A few of our students share their thoughts on Pacific’s History program: 

“Your professors become your friends. I regularly attend office hours and have even found my professors open to mentoring independent study research projects. This closeness with faculty is not something you find at larger or less student-oriented universities.”
Lloyd Barba

“I feel it is important that our faculty have such a large breadth of interests and skills to offer. The department offers many regions, time periods and even specialty courses. We even have the History of Food!”
Elizabeth Youngberg

“I love Pacific’s History program because it isn’t just disconnected classes about different regions and time periods. The sophomore Historical Imagination class ties concepts in history together; the class explores history’s interdisciplinary nature, its applicability in movies and culture, and historiography in general. Then senior year, the Capstone brings History majors together once again to complete hands-on research in the discipline.”

Sachi Takahashi-Rial

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