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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Pacific's Annual High School Math Competition Receives Integral Support
In memory of a young mathematician, Stockton parents build on Pacific's contest for high school students; more than 80 will test their mathematic skills on April 13. Read more...

Congratulations to our Outstanding 2014 Graduates!
Mathematics: William Trok
Mathematics, Applied: Austin Tuttle

We share the University of the Pacific mission of providing a superior, student-centered education. Teaching undergraduate mathematics is the most important thing we do.

An education in mathematics will develop your mathematical reasoning, communication and problem solving skills.

Students who choose to major in mathematics will:

  • Have opportunities to develop strong problem solving skills using quantitative methods and appropriate technology.
  • Understand the strengths, limitations and wide applicability of mathematical modeling in a variety of disciplines.
  • Develop an appreciation for the discipline and aesthetics of mathematics.
  • Gain an appropriate understanding of theory.


Student Testimonials


After graduating Pacific, I entered a graduate program in mathematics at Cal State East Bay and interviewed for a teaching associate position. After the interview, the professor said he really liked my style of teaching because it was exploratory and it lent itself for students to develop the skills needed to logically work through problems. I was given the position and want to express my gratitude to the professors at Pacific for setting an example as exceptional educators! The time that they dedicated to my education helped me learn a great deal inside the classroom as well as outside the class during office hours.

                                                                                                           - Andria Barraza, class of 2012. 

This past summer, I received an internship with the Department of Defense as a direct result of my pursuit of a math degree on top of my computer science degree. The government considered many computer science students to fill the internship position, but my math background was what put me a head above the rest and allowed me to receive such an amazing opportunity. During my internship, I spent more time studying linear algebra than I did programming, and my math degree was invaluable during this process.

                                                                                                           - Michael Ongaro, class of 2013 

Math Department Newsletter

Our department newsletter is compiled yearly by the Math Club and contains original articles written by Alumni, Faculty and Math Club Members. We would like to thank Math Club Treasurer Christine Sun, for her hard work in putting together this years newsletter. Click the link below to read our 2011-2012 Newsletter.

pdf 2011-2012 Mathematics Newsletter

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