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Modern Languages and Literature

Congratulations to Our Outstanding 2014 Graduates!

French - Emma Schyberg
Spanish - Eugenia Abigail Hernandez & Amy Wyckoff
Chinese - Brianna Harrison
Japanese- Alyssa Namba
German - Matthew Muller
Russian - Alyssa Rodriguez 

And congratulations to MLL Phi Beta Kappa inductees Jennifer Lacombe and Jesse Herche

Department Chair

Susan Giraldez
Email Link for Martin Camps sgiralde@pacific.edu

Summer Immersion Programs

Assisi, Italy
Antigua, Guatemala
Shanghai, China

Languages Offered

Asian Languages, French, German, Russian, Spanish


Our students develop linguistic and cultural competencies that are vital to their personal and professional fulfillment.

Cultural Appreciation

Through the serious study of the target language, students develop an appreciation for the breadth of cultural expression in literature, history, fine arts, philosophy, cinema, and contemporary business and social practices. They also gain a deeper appreciation of their own language and culture.

Education Abroad

By providing opportunities to travel and attend courses abroad, the department enables cultural immersion and learning experiences that are valuable for academic and professional life.

“Since Pacific isn't a huge school, I know all of my professors. In my French class this semester, there are only ten of us, so everyone gets a chance to participate and know the professor. My experience at Pacific has been great!”

Andrew Summers 

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