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Pacific Humanities Scholars Program

  • Are you a student with a passion for poetry, philosophy, art, and performance but are not sure what to "do" with it?
  • Have you invested creative energy in matters of social justice and community involvement?
  • Have you been recognized for your talents in the humanities, but discouraged by those who consider them impractical to pursue as a career?

If you are a high-achieving student who gravitates toward the humanities disciplines, we encourage you to consider applying for the unique Pacific Humanities Scholars program. It is the only program of its kind in the nation, offering an accelerated and enriching educational experience along with a career and community focus.

Community and Passion

The Pacific Humanities Scholars program is an interdisciplinary path of study that allows exceptional students majoring in the humanities to complete their undergraduate degree within three years. During their studies, Pacific Humanities Scholars enjoy the community of students and faculty who are passionate about the humanities. Faculty and staff work closely with Humanities Scholars to:

  • Help students design their own majors and course of study
  • Provide extracurricular events, activities, field trips, and projects that will allow a deeper exploration of the Humanities disciplines
  • Understand the intersection of the Humanities with science and technology
  • Challenge students' knowledge of culture, society, ethics, and justice
  • Facilitate the career paths that students wish to pursue through career counseling, internships, visits to Bay Area and Silicon Valley-based employers, and other entrepreneurial opportunities

Extracurricular activities include:

  •  Film festivals
  •  Gallery exhibitions
  •  Poetry readings and lectures
  •  World-premiere theatrical events
  •  Opera and symphony performances
  •  Weekend field trips to places of interest

Beyond the Three Year Plan

While planning your course of academic study is central to our program, your post-graduation plans are equally important. From the very first day of school, Pacific Humanities Scholars have the benefit of a personal career counselor. Dedicated exclusively to the Scholars program, your counselor helps to refine your focus, discover new opportunities, and chart a course of action for success in today's highly competitive marketplace. 

Ethical and intellectual development go hand-in-hand, and Pacific Humanities Scholars will be challenged to give back as much as they are given. Through community outreach activities like the Pacific MOVE Program, as well as self-designed projects in advocacy and activism, students are challenged to develop an enduring capacity for empathy and social engagement.

Nota Bene

Nimble thinkers, articulate speakers, exceptional writers, passionate innovators, and responsible citizens never go out of style: our goal is to create employable graduates whose understanding and experience of the Humanities will make them tomorrow's "thought leaders."