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Humanities Scholars Alumni

As with any academic program, the true measure of our success is our ability to produce professionals who are ready and willing to take on the world beyond Pacific's classrooms. Whether they have moved on to graduate school or are already taking steps to forge their own career, our alumni serve as a true tribute to the impact that the Humanities Scholars Program aims to produce. Whether their paths have led them into publishing or writing, business or education, it is an honor to have such strong, driven, and accomplished individuals representing our legacy. 

Class of 2016

Sarah YungSarah Yung

The Humanities Scholars Program was absolutely instrumental in both securing the achievements that I attained at Pacific and structuring my future endeavors. I am now a Masters of Fine Arts Candidate in Creative Writing at The New School in New York City, and I can honestly say that without the influence of the Scholars Program I likely would not be here. The advice, assistance, and compassion from my professors at Pacific fortified my efforts to pursue goals that I had previously considered unattainable. 

As an undergraduate, I was an English and Film Studies double major with a minor in Chinese and Gender Studies. The Humanities Scholars Program offered me the resources and support I needed to intern with a national fashion journalism company, to study abroad, and to participate in numerous excursions that would become some of my fondest memories of university. More than that, the Scholars Program aided me in cultivating some of the closest friendships that I had at UOP, friendships spanning years and disciplines and connecting me with people with whom I never would have come in contact otherwise. Ultimately, the Humanities Scholars Program has left an indelible mark upon my character and my career path alike, and I am overwhelmingly grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a Humanities Scholar.   

Emily OlsonEmily Olson

As a graduate student at University of Oregon, I am still coming to appreciate the full extent to which the Humanities Scholars Program helped to shape me as a thinker, a writer, and a citizen. At Pacific, I majored in English and Pre-Law, but being a Humanities Scholar pushed me to broaden my education even further. I am now studying Journalism, and each day I find myself questioning the value of my career in modern society. In the end, I always return to what I learned as a Humanities Scholar: that good storytelling has the power to shape the world.

The Humanities Scholars Program gave me the courage to pursue journalism in a time when society needs strong journalists (and journalism needs strong voices) more than ever. I am proud to say that my experience as a Humanities Scholar not only put me on the path I walk today, but continues to shape where my journey will go next. 

Jessie GeorgeJessie George

The Humanities Scholar Program was one of the largest parts of what made my undergraduate experience so wonderful. As a graduate student, I find myself surrounded by the humanities constantly, and frequently find myself discussing subjects to which I was initially introduced as a Scholar. The Scholars Program broadened my mind to new cultures and perspectives, exposed me to new literature and art, and gave me a more in-depth understanding of the space that the humanities occupy within the world.

As an undergraduate, I was a self-designed major seeking to explore the intersections of Theater, Literature, and Film; as a graduate student at Northeastern University, I am studying College Student Development and Counseling. I have recently begun to work with one of my professors to plan and implement a research project focused on mental health in college students. Ultimately, I hope to be involved with Student Activities, Greek Life, or Title IX Work in universities. There are many possibilities within the field of Student Affairs so I am still exploring my options for future careers, but I am so thankful to the Humanities Scholars Program for offering me a foundation. I think this program has been so beneficial to all who are part of it and I love watching it grow stronger every year!