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Creative Careers in Music

The Conservatory of Music has a commitment to each student to help in the development of a rewarding career. A wide variety of experiences is provided inside and outside of the classroom for students to learn and grow as they prepare for a life in music.

Special Events
Guest Artist Master Classes
The Conservatory regularly brings internationally-recognized artists on to campus for performances as well as presentations on career development. In the Fall of 2016, the following artists came to campus:

  • Windsync Quintet
  • Phillippe Quint (violin solo artist)
  • Post-Haste Reed Duo
  • La Catrina Quartet
  • Carmen Bradford (jazz vocalist)

Faculty Presentations
Conservatory faculty share expertise on career development in courses, studio class, and in special presentations. A recent presentation on public speaking skills by Prof. Nicolasa Kuster in the Chamber Music Class is an example of these helpful experiences for our students.

Pi Kappa Lambda student presentations
In the spring semester students are provided the opportunity to share high quality research in the Pi Kappa Lambda Colloquium. This valuable opportunity to showcase undergraduate and graduate research is a highlight of the school year.

MMGT 005. Introduction to Music Industry Technology. 1 Unit.
This course is an introduction to current technology used in the music industry for the creation, recording, distribution, marketing and promotion of music and music-related products and services. Students will meet weekly to be introduced to various tools and technologies, and then complete lab assignments each week to demonstrate proficiency. 

MMGT 011. Music, Entertainment in U.S. Society. 4 Units.
This introductory course covers the business, financial, and legal parameters of the music industry. Special emphasis is given to understanding recording contracts, artist management, royalty earnings, copyright issues, and motion picture music.

MMGT 106. Sound Recording Fundamentals. 3 Units.
This course introduces students to basic audio techniques applicable to recording sound. This course is a combination of lecture, lab sessions and independent studio projects which provides a basic understanding of how audio is captured, stored and manipulated in the recording industry.

MMGT 107. Performing Arts Administration. 3 Units.
This course is a practical approach to management and business issues that affect arts organizations. Topics include program planning, budget development, fund-raising, community relationships and concert promotion and production. 

MMGT 109. Beyond Talent: Managing Performance Career. 2 Units.

This course provides students intending a career as a performer or artist with the knowledge and skills to help manage their career and image. This course combines readings, workshops, activities, and interviewing successful artists while students develop a basic promotional kit and career plan. 

MMGT 121. Media Promotion. 4 Units.

This is a hands-on lab class in which students learn to promote designated projects for clients, such as the MMGT 120 Media Production projects, using various means including paid, owned, and earned media such as a YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, Reddit, as well as traditional media outlets including print and broadcast. Program faculty designate various live events such as concerts, recitals, lectures, as well as community and regional music events. Students will become familiar with audio, video and streaming tools, as well as relevant forms of social media to accomplish the course learning objectives which primarily focus on audience-building, data analytics, measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of various tactics and strategy used in media promotion.  

MPER 068. Orchestral Repertoire and Audition Techniques. 1 Unit.

The purpose of this course is to focus on the development of orchestral skills and to prepare students for orchestra auditions. Students perform in weekly sectionals with the instrumental course instructors and attend periodic seminars in audition techniques and other topics that relate to orchestral performance. 

Career Resource Center
The University of the Pacific Career Resource Center has partnered with the Conservatory to have office hours in Buck Hall on a weekly basis. Students have the access at regular times or by appointment to learn about supportive career development skills. Please click here to access our the Career Resource Center's 24/7 services. Also, the Career Resource Center is working with the Conservatory on a Pilot Program that is specifically designed to provide opportunities and helpful advice in the form of a four-year time line of activities. The "Student Artists on Pace" Career Development Program is a cooperative program between Pacific's Conservatory of Music and the Career Resource Center. Click on the booklet to find out more.

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Stockton Symphony
The Conservatory enjoys a partnership with the Stockton Symphony in which guest artists that solo with the Symphony provided masterclasses and presentations for the Conservatory students. Additionally, the Symphony provides a very cost-effective student ticket package.

Stockton Friends of Chamber Music
The Friends of Chamber Music brings 5 concerts a year to the Conservatory. These concerts by internationally-recognized chamber artists are free to Conservatory students. Also, the COnservatory partners with Friends of Chamber Music to bring the artists to the students in masterclasses and presentations. 

Students enjoy a unique opportunity to network with alumni often and have access to countless internship opportunities in the arts thanks the alumni and professional network cultivated by the faculty.