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Healthcare Management Track

CAHL Tuition Offset

The Eberhardt School of Business MBA track in healthcare management provides general management training with a focus on the dynamic and growing health sector. It equips students with a familiarity of institutions in the health sector. It offers a more thorough management background than found in many Masters in Health Administration (MHA) programs and more health specific education than a general management MBA. It is a well-accepted qualification for advancement to many of the most responsible positions in hospitals and health systems, health insurance, long term care, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, consulting, professional associations, and government service. Students focusing in heathcare management take all required MBA courses plus four courses focused on, or closely related, to the health sector. In addition, the required MBA internship for these students is expected to be based in a health-related setting.
Faculty: Peter Hilsenrath, Ph.D.Albert Huang, Ph.D. and Sacha Joseph-Mathews, Ph.D.

Healthcare Management Electives:

    *Offer details

    *Members of the California Association of Healthcare Leaders are eligible to receive a tuition-offset of up to $5,000. This is a discount off of the total tuition of the program (approx. $70,000). Candidates must identify themselves as healthcare focused in their first semester to be a recipient of this offer. Once launched with the incoming Fall 2017 MBA cohort, the offer will be available only to new MBA enrollees, not existing students. Further details and guidelines of this offer are currently being developed so please check back soon or contact the MBA Office,, with questions or to receive full details when they are available.