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The Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a joint program administered by the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law and the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business.

The JD/MBA program enables you to pursue a JD degree and also acquire the technical skills and business credentials of the Eberhardt MBA. The joint JD/ MBA Program allows you to complete both degrees in only four years due to a cross units agreements between the two University of the Pacific degree programs.

JD/MBA Program Cross Units

Students in the JD/MBA program are not required to take Negotiations as part of their MBA degree, but it is recommended at least one of their JD electives be taken in this area. In addition, the Eberhardt MBA program grants elective credit for 11 units of elective course work taken at the McGeorge School of Law from the approved list of elective courses in the areas of Business, Commercial and Property Law; Intellectual Property; International Legal Studies and Tax Law.

The McGeorge School of Law grants elective credit for 12 units toward the JD for advanced coursework taken in the Eberhardt MBA program.

Interested applicants should review the prepared Sample JD/ MBA Plan of Study in depth to evaluate the fit of their career plans and the Pacific JD/MBA Program. When planning your courses, work closely with your academic advisor at the McGeorge School of Law and the Associate Dean of MBA Programs at the Eberhardt School of Business to ensure that you complete the requirements for both degrees.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in the JD/MBA program must apply and be accepted to both the MBA Program at Eberhardt School of Business and the JD Program at the McGeorge School of Law separately. Please see the MBA Admission page for additional information on application dates and required forms and documents.

Acceptance by one program does not guarantee admission to the other program.

The Eberhardt Early Advantage MBA Program does not require any prerequisite courses for admission; however, it is strongly recommended that you complete course work in accounting, calculus, economics and statistics prior to enrolling in the Eberhardt MBA programs. This is especially true if you have not developed a strong quantitative skills background or did not achieve a strong score on the quantitative section of the GMAT.  Proficiency in the use of various computer software such as Microsoft Word and Excel is also highly recommended.