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Institute for Family Business


The Institute for Family Business program is a resource center to help family and privately held companies meet their challenges. By bringing owners, managers and family members together in interactive forums to address common issues, they are able to successfully work through transitions, develop strategic vision and enact strategic plans for the business and for the family. The Institute accesses cutting edge ideas and knowledge about business successes in today's competitive, changing economy.


The Institute designs discussions on topics of meaningful and timely interest to members, provides top quality speakers and reference materials, refers expert resources in response to member's specific needs, and provides access to the combined resources of the Universities and leading professional service providers to family companies.

The mission of the University of Pacific Institute for Family Business is to assist family-owned businesses in finding and developing solutions to their unique business challenges by providing educational opportunities, research services, and access to regional and national expertise.

The Institute for Family Business offers:

  • Seminars, conferences and workshops to address the concerns of family businesses.
  • Forums for family businesses to share their views on relevant topics.
  • Promotion of family business perspectives to regional and national interests.


Catherine Cardoza Carlos Tamayo
Steve Westemeier Jeff Kunde