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Master of Science in Engineering Science

The MSES program is designed to strengthen students' technical, analytical, and professional breadth and depth. All students receiving an MSES degree will complete a set of core courses that covers the broader subjects of research and analysis. Please visit the online Graduate Catalog for more detailed graduate information and a complete list of courses offered.  

Program Learning Objectives:

  • A broad understanding of problem-solving, design, and research skills necessary to operate in the interdisciplinary arena of engineering and computer science
  • Sufficient depth in an area to be able to design increasingly complex systems or to pursue a more advanced degree
  • Skills necessary to engage in lifelong careers as practicing professional engineers or computer scientists

Concentrations being offered include:

  • Civil Engineering (Environmental and Structural)
  • Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Management

Blended Program
The MSES program may also be pursued while concurrently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in engineering or computer science program at Pacific (Blended Program).

Pacific's master's degree program allows students to begin graduate course work during their senior year at Pacific, completing both degrees in a total of five years.  For most students, undergraduate scholarships and other types of financial aid will continue through this fifth year of studies. 

  • Curriculum overview  The MSES program has two degree options:  thesis and non-thesis plans, each requiring a minimum number of 30 units.  The thesis plan will require students to perform independent research and will culminate in the completion of a thesis based on the findings of the research.  The thesis plan is intended for students who plan to pursue a career in research or plan to pursue a PhD.  The non-thesis option allows students to complete a project, engage in directed experiential learning, or complete all their units through coursework.