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Master's Degrees

Accelerated Master's Degree programs in Public Administration, International Policy and Development and Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies: The School of International Studies (SIS), in collaboration with Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, California, offer SIS students the opportunity to pursue an accelerated masters degree at MIIS. This accelerated degree is designed to be completed within 18 months of entering, which is 1 semester earlier than the usual time required to complete a masters degree. View a powerpoint presentation about the curated degree at MIIS in Monterey here.

Accelerated Master of Science degree in Applied International Economics (MSAE): The School of International Studies (SIS) in collaboration with Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offer a five year path to SIS undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Applied International Economics. The program would allow students to receive the degree with only one year of study at Marquette University instead of two after receiving their B.A. at Pacific.