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Graduate School

David Allen and Joe Styers Fulbright ScholarsSIS alumni have earned prestigious awards and fellowships such as Fulbright and Boren Scholarships, and have been accepted into some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the world. SIS graduates are studying at the London School of Economics; Yale University;  University of California, Santa Barbara; Hastings Law School; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Johns Hopkins, School of Advanced International Studies; the Monterey Institute of International Studies and others.


Left: 2011 SIS graduates, David Allen and Joseph Styers were awarded Fulbright Scholarships


Monterey Institute of International Studies

The School of International Studies and the Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies have developed a partnership where qualified SIS students may enter GSIPM programs with accelerated status.

Key selection criteria for SIS students admittance in the MIIS accelerated MA program are:

● Academic excellence at the University of the Pacific as indicated by overall GPA, GPA in those courses relevant to a specific degree program offered at GSIPM, and other academic work indicating an ability to succeed at the graduate level.

● Knowledge and expertise relevant to the degree or program the student will pursue at the Institute.

● Advanced second-language capabilities.

● Maturity, as indicated by evaluated professional work (e.g., an internship or job), the ability to manage their time, and demonstrated commitment to effective international policy study and practice once graduated from the Institute.

● Motivation to succeed in a rigorous professional education program.

● Support from faculty and others at the University of the Pacific, as well as supervisors of professional experience, in the form of a letter(s) emphasizing the above qualities. 

Students who have successfully completed the International Affairs and Commerce; International Relations; or the Development and Cultural Change major in the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific may qualify for Accelerated Entry in the MA in International Policy Studies or the MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies.

For more information, contact  Mary-Lou Tyler, Asst. to the Dean, School of International Studies.