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Tuesday World Forum

Fall 2015

Of Diplomats and Durians:
Dare to Network the World

Date: Tuesday, September 8TWF Pictures 


Pacific International Studies alumnus Paul Oliva will help you understand what diplomacy means as a career and the many options available to you to explore a career in diplomacy. He'll talk about his career path that took him from graduating at Pacific in 1987 to serving as a United States Foreign Service Officer today.  Mr. Oliva's experience spans working on international policy in California state government, running an
international nonprofit, managing global public relations for Visa, and running his own business. He'll answer questions about the pros and cons of different career tracks and how to focus your education for a very competitive job market.

Buddhist Inspired Organic Farming,
Wildlife Conservation and Entrepreneurship in Taiwan

Date: Tuesday, October 6

Tenaza bio
Speaker, Dr. Richard Tenaza's 40-minute photographic presentation will introduce a Buddhist-inspired organic farming program in Taiwan. For nearly 20 years the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation has been assisting farmers to switch from conventional to organic agriculture. Besides protecting environments and human health from harmful effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, their contracts with Tse-Xin also require growers to actively restore and conserve native habitat and wildlife on and around their farms. Monetary incentives for farmers to go organic include (a) eliminating agricultural chemical costs, (b) higher prices paid for organic produce, and (c) Tse-Xin's agreement to purchase all of a farmer's produce during the first few years she or he participates, regardless of insect damage or other defects. Tse-Xin also has encouraged establishment of businesses to develop and market organic commodities such as clothing and cosmetics, as well as to collect, transport, and market organic produce.

A Survey of Contemporary Tajikistan

Tuesday, November 10


Dr. Sharifova joins Pacific's Economics Department in fall 2015 as its newest member. Previous to coming to Pacific, she worked as a policy and business development advisor for the Business Enabling Environment project of International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. She also worked for Imon International, a Tajik-based microfinance lender, and Mercy Corps, a US-based global development organization. She earned her first Economics degree at Khujand State University in her home country, and subsequently earned her M.Sc. in Development Economics at the University of Manchester in the UK, and her Ph.D. in Economics at UC-Santa Cruz.


Fall 2014

12:00-12:50 pm


Oona Mallett with flags

Tuesday, September 23rd  

"How are DDA* Negotiations Carried Out and What Progress Has Been Made in These Negotiations?"

Speaker: Dr. Joan Apecu Laker, Ugandan Economic Affairs Officer, Council and Trade Negotiations Committee Division of the World Trade Organization. Location: Wendell Phillips Center, 140                                                                                

Tuesday, October 14th

"Good Mothers as Guest Workers: Constructing the 'Good Worker' in Spain's Stawberry Industry."

Speaker:  Susan E. Mannon, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, College of the Pacific. Location: George Wilson Hall

Tuesday, November 11th

"North Korea's Missile Programme: Assessment and Implication"

Speaker: Dong won Yoo, PhD, is a Research Scholar in the School of Interntional Studies. He is a professor in the Department of International Relation and the Head of the Center for Security Policy, Research Institute for National Security Affairs at the Korea National Defense University in Seoul, Korea.       Location: George Wilson Hall



Dr. John Mutenyo of Brookings (shown with SIS freshman Daniel Episcope), spoke at the SIS Tuesday World Forum, Fall 2010 on The Global Financial Crisis: How Are the African Economies Faring?

Dr. John Mutenyo


Pacific alum and award winning author Matthew Golub spoke to SIS students in October about his unique career, which joins children’s literature with language, international insight, and music.

Matthew Golub


Dr. Frank Young, alum and Senior Deputy (Asia), US AID, speaks at SIS.

Dr. Frank Young

Jeff Hebble, Former President of the Asia/Africa Division, Corn Products International, Inc., speaks at the SIS World Forum.

Jeff Hebble

On February 10th, 2011 School of International Studies professors Arturo Giraldez and Ahmed Kanna hosted a teach-in to a packed house of students, faculty, staff and community members on the subject of Egypt 2011: Economic Contexts, Cultural Symbolisms and Political Ramifications.

Egypt Teach-In