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Research has found high levels of satisfaction among PharmD/MBA graduates and improved career outcomes.

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Dual Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a dual-degree program administered by the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Eberhardt School of Business.

This program and the two degrees will prepare you for leadership positions that demand knowledge of health sciences and management concepts. Research has found high levels of satisfaction among PharmD/ MBA graduates, as well as, improved career outcomes. The PharmD/MBA Program can be completed in just under four years. In the first semester, you will study foundation business courses. The remainder of the program is a blending of pharmacy, health science, and management.

While most students will complete the dual-degree program in this manner, an alternative option now allows first year PharmD students to apply for the MBA at the end of their first year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. If accepted as a current PharmD, you will begin your MBA coursework in the fall of year three and then complete pharmacy rotations in year four. For more information on this option, please contact Dr. Peter Hilsenrath or see the PharmD/MBA Alternative Plan of Study.

PharmD/MBA students complete their healthcare electives with students completing the MBA in healthcare management, which allows for additional perspectives from those developing careers in other sectors of healthcare. In addition, there are experiential opportunities to expand your knowledge beyond the traditional curriculum. For example, Pacific students recently took first place at a competition hosted by the American College of Healthcare Executives with a joint team of students. Also, external funding has facilitated an annual field trip to Washington D.C. which focuses on policy issues in the healthcare industry.

The ultimate goal of the PharmD/MBA program is to provide graduates with skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed for a career that may lead to an executive position in the pharmaceutical industry, with health care organizations, or retail pharmaceutical corporations.

Such positions include:

  • Department head in a pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation
  • Leadership position in a pharmaceutical distribution organization
  • Administrator in a research or managed care department
  • Departmental director in a state or federal health care agency
  • Director of hospital pharmacy operations
  • Operating an independent pharmacy

Interested applicants should review the prepared  Plan of Study in depth to evaluate the fit of their career plans and the Pacific PharmD/MBA Program.

Merit-based scholarships and graduate assistantships are available for the MBA portion of this dual-degree program. Scholarships are also available through the Robert M. Long and J.M. Long Foundations for second year PharmD students who demonstrate excellence in the PharmD/MBA program.

The PharmD/MBA program is fortunate to have support from two endowed chairs, the Joseph M. Long Chair held by Peter Hilsenrath and the Good Neighbor Chair held by David Collum.

Why PharmD/MBA?

According to the article titled "Impact of a Dual PharmD/MBA Degree on Graduates' Academic Performance, Career Opportunities, and Earning Potential" published by the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, where 17 PharmD/MBA graduates were surveyed, dual-degree graduates had a somewhat higher GPA than those who completed either a PharmD or MBA solely.  Dual-degree students also reported a higher number of job interviews and 15 percent higher compensation than those completing the PharmD only.

Click here to read the full article: pdf version or online.

Also, read this recent profile of Christine Nguyen, a 2010 PharmD/MBA alumnus, to learn more about the educational and professional benefits of completing this dual-degree program.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in the PharmD/MBA Program must apply and be accepted to both the MBA Program in the Eberhardt School of Business and the PharmD program in the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences separately. Acceptance by one program does not guarantee admission to the other degree program as each review is conducted on an independent basis.

PharmCAS applicants should apply to the MBA Program using the new online Eberhardt MBA Application. The deadlines for the MBA application are Round 1: January 15 (priority review) and Round 2: March 1 (on-time). PharmD/MBA applicants should apply for a fee waiver in the MBA application using the code PharmD/MBA Applicant.

Further details can be found on the Instructions for Pharmacy Applicants page. Please contact the MBA Program Office directly if you have any questions about the MBA application, MBA prerequisites or admission requirements.

The Eberhardt Early Advantage MBA Program does not require any additional prerequisite courses for admission; however, it is strongly recommended that you complete course work in accounting, calculus, economics and statistics prior to enrolling in the Eberhardt MBA programs. This is especially true if you have not developed a strong quantitative skills background or did not achieve a strong score on the quantitative section of the GMAT. A proficiency in the use of various computer software such as Microsoft Word and Excel is also highly recommended.