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Clinics and Facilities


Pacific Speech, Hearing & Language Center

Ten therapy rooms with observation facilities; State of the art Audiology suite (diagnostic test equipment – audiometry, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, auditory brainstem response, videonystagmorgraphy, real ear measurements, & digital hearing aid technology); Therapy rooms equipped with Kay Computerized Speech Lab, IBM Speech Viewer, Visi-pitch, Boardmaker and Videoendoscopy

Pacific Hearing & Balance Center

Stockton Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Center

Eight therapy rooms with observation facilities; computerized therapy programs and materials available onsite for students to use with clients in therapy.

Language-Literacy Center


Soundproof Audiology suite

Clinic Room

Activities of Daily Living Suite

Computers for clinical use are equipped with Speech Viewer, Visi-pitch and Boardmaker.

Research Lab