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Hearing and Balance Center

Our Mission

The University of the Pacific Hearing & Balance Center provides comprehensive and professional audiological care, from prevention to rehabilitation, for individuals of all ages with hearing concerns. Our unparalleled standards of professional patient care are directed to the unique needs of each patient, ensuring patients improved quality of life through better hearing.

Reasons why the University of the Pacific Hearing & Balance Center is right for you:

1. Reputation: Pacific Hearing & Balance Center is the area's leader in hearing healthcare and is the most trusted source of care by patients and physicians.
2. Technology: Pacific has exclusive access to new hearing aids and technologies. Pacific always offers advice on ALL the newest possible treatments for hearing loss.
3. Confidence: We use the latest aid fitting software and strategies to make sure hearing aids are optimally fit and programmed for each person's individual needs.
4. Commitment: Patients will always receive exceptional care, and can be sure we will be here to help them enjoy optimal hearing now and in the future.
5. Expertise: Patients receive personalized care from uniquely qualified, experienced Doctors of Audiology.

At the University of the Pacific, you can be sure you are receiving the best care possible.

AuD Staff

Robert Hanyak, AuD., Amy Wusstig, AuD., Lily Lye