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Pacific PROMISE Scholars

Steve Jobs, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Willie Nelson, Daunte Culpepper, Alonzo Mourning, and Malcom X were former foster care children - they changed the world, and you can too!

Here at the University of the Pacific, we help students who are former foster care and other disconnected students without a traditional family support system. We want these students to see higher education as a path toward achieving their dreams. 

The Pacific PROMISE Scholars Program helps develop a foundation for a successful college experience by providing advocacy, assistance, and support services for those students who enroll at University of the Pacific.

Student Experiences

A. RoblesMy name is Angelo Robles and I am an independent student at the University of the Pacific. I graduated from Stagg High School in Stockton in 2012 and am currently a freshman International Studies major.

When I arrived at Pacific, I felt disconnected from the campus, but Pacific PROMISE Scholars has given me the support and security that I needed.

I am extremely grateful to have the Pacific PROMISE Scholars here on campus. Knowing that I have a support system both on and off campus gives me the courage and determination to do my best not only academically, but also in every aspect of life. 

success garyI'm Gary Harris and I am an independent student here at the University of the Pacific. I am a freshman education major who has had the privilege to work directly with the Pacific PROMISE Scholars Program. Being a firstgeneration student, it has been a tough transition for me from high school to college, but the Pacific PROMISE Scholars office is a tremendous help. 

I am determined to succeed and do well, and the people at Pacific PROMISE Scholars have the same goals for me, and other former foster youth. I am grateful for having such an incredible resource like the Pacific PROMISE Scholars on campus. 

Pacific PROMISE Scholars Planning Committee 
pacific PROMISE scholars committee