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Financial Information for Graduate Program Applicants

Financial Assistance
Many programs offer graduate assistantships each year for students based on academic quality and experience in research.  Graduate assistantships are available each year in many of the departments and schools where advanced degrees are offered.  These graduate assistantships may be in the form of scholarship, tuition waiver, cash stipends for services performed, or a combination of those, depending upon each student's program and department recommendations. Please contact program directors for details on graduate assistantships or other forms of financial aid.

Research awards are available for departmental or contract research in some fields. From time to time, fellowships are offered in certain federally supported programs in which University of the Pacific participates (see Internal Funding, External Funding, Other Financial Aid Opportunities).

Loan Options
Graduate students who are U.S. or eligible noncitizens may apply for federal student loans (see Loan Information). All Graduate Students who are interested in applying for loans or other types of aid should complete an on-line FAFSA. Students cannot be considered for aid until this application is completed.

Cost of Attendance

You may also select a specific school for additional financial assistance information.

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Conservatory of Music
Eberhardt School of Business
Pharmacy and Health Sciences