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    Professional Pharmacy (Pharm D.) Program Admission FAQ

    1. What is the minimum G.P.A. required for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Pacific? 
      There is no absolute G.P.A. cutoff. Admission is competitive and is based on a number of factors in addition to G.P.A., including Bachelor's Degree, science grades, strength of curriculum, extra curricular, community service, leadership qualities, pharmacy experience, recommendations, essay, interview results, and demonstration of your ability to succeed in 17 units or more per semester.  Competition can vary from year to year depending upon the size and strength of the applicant pool. The average G.P.A. over the past 4 years has ranged from 3.3 to 3.5.
    2. Is a Bachelor's Degree required for admission? 
      No, only the pre-pharmacy requirements are absolutely necessary. However a degree can make an applicant more competitive for admission, and in recent years, 94%  of our successful applicants have had degrees. Many others have junior standing and have completed upper division math/ science preparatory courses. Recommended electives include anatomy, genetics, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry.
    3. How will I know if my PharmCAS application has been received? 
      An acknowledgment letter will be sent within 3-4 weeks after your application packet is received by the Admission Office. If anything is missing from your packet it will be noted in the acknowledgment letter. Please note that we are not able to verify the documents included with your supplemental application until your PharmCAS application has been received. PharmCAS may take up to 5 weeks to process and we often times do not receive the PharmCAS application until after our published deadline dates.  If you wait until the final deadline to apply, and a document is missing, we will not be able to notify you in time to meet the deadline date. Applying early in Tier I is highly recommended.
    4. Can I fax my application materials? 
      Regretfully, we can not accept faxed documents as official.
    5. How do I know if I need the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination? 
      If your native language is not English, you may be asked to take the TOEFL examination, it is in your best interest to sign up for an early test date so that your test scores will be received before the on-time applicant deadline of November 1st.  Students who have been living in the U.S. for at least the past 6 years and have earned a U.S. Bachelor's Degree prior to starting at Pacific, or who have 4 academic years in the US with no ESL classes, will likely be exempt from the TOEFL.  Students who have had ESL courses within the past four years will be required to submit an acceptable TOEFL score.
    6. Do recommendations have to be submitted on the PharmCAS forms provided?  
      the form is provided so we obtain pertinent information from your recommender.  A special letter may be attached to the form and is recommended.  Remember to have the recommender include your full legal name and social security number on any separate sheets, sign the letter including his or her title, and provide a telephone number for any additional information needed or questions we have.  

      The pharmacist recommendation must be completed by a registered pharmacist who is not related to you and who is not a faculty member at the Thomas J Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  We highly recommend you choose a pharmacist you have worked with.  The pharmacist should verify the state he/she is licensed in and the institution he/she graduated from.

      The academic recommender must be a college instructor from an institution you have attended within the past three years.  If you have been out of school over three years, you may have your supervisor at your place of employment complete the recommendation.  Please note that the recommendation must be from an academic instructor and not your supervisor if you are currently enrolled in courses (including summer or fall ).  If you have been out of school prior to your current enrollment and do not feel your instructor knows you well enough; you must obtain a recommendation from your instructor and you may request your supervisor to write a supplemental recommendation.
    7. When will I know if I will get an interview? 
      We will begin sending interview invitations in late-September and will continue interviews through late March. Interview slots are easier to get early in the application process -an incentive for submitting an early application. Each year we receive approximately 1,300 - 1,400 applications, but will only invite between 250 - 330 students to interview.
    8. If I don't get an interview invitation, am I out of consideration?  
      You will hear from us, so don't assume anything. We may be holding your file to see if we have space in a later interview session. Students who are not interviewed cannot be considered for admission.
    9. When are final decisions made? 
      The bulk of the decision letters will be mailed in late March. Very strong candidates may hear within four to six weeks of their interview dates but most students are placed on hold after the interview.  Pacific wants to be certain there is space in the class even at the end of the interview cycle to give all candidates a fair chance of admission.
    10. Is there an advantage to applying early? 
      Yes, we do our primary review of files as they are received. Early applicants have the advantage of having more interview spaces still available and enhance their chance of being offered an interview.

    11. What goes into the 28 semester-/42 quarter-unit liberal arts requirement? 
      Liberal Arts units are non math/science courses. Students with a U.S. Bachelor's degree are exempt from the General Education categories BUT NOT from the Liberal Arts requirement. English Composition, Public Speaking, Economics, Psychology and all General Education classes count toward the 28 semester- /42 quarter-units. If you are short units you must take additional liberal arts classes.
    12. Will African/American or Asian/American Studies courses fulfill the General Education Category I-C International or Intercultural Studies requirement? 
      No, the purpose of this requirement is to study other cultures and other countries, not cultures within the United States.
    13. May I call your office to find out the decision on my file?
      We notify every applicant in writing as soon as a decision is made. We are not able to provide decision information over the phone. Please be patient as you wait to hear from us.
    14. I'm making changes to my schedule. How do I notify you?
      You must inform us in writing of all changes to your schedule, including the changes that are not related to pharmacy prerequisites. Please download the form for work in progress included in the PDF version of the supplemental application for schedule changes.   You must also notify us immediately if you are not receiving a bachelor’s degree as anticipated.
    15. Is Pacific participating in PharmCAS?
      Yes, you will have to submit an application through PharmCAS. Please visit for an online application and more information on the application process. We also require the supplemental application application which should be filed concurrently.  The supplemental electronic version and PDF version are located on our website.
    16. How many applications do you receive? How many people do you accept each year?
      The entering class is 200 in size. However, the number of spaces available for transfer students varies from year to year.  We received approximately 1350 external applications for Fall 2014 and had approximately 100 spaces available.
    17. I have completed coursework outside of the United States. Should I have my international transcript evaluated prior to applying
      Yes, international course work must be evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.  Please see the complete instructions to determine if you are required to order a Catalog Match Evaluation Report or a Course-by-Course Evaluation Report.
    18. May I have someone else fill out my pharmacy recommendation if I do not know a pharmacist?
      No, the required recommendation must be received from a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy experience is not required, however, approximately 99% of the last several years entering classes have either worked or volunteered in a pharmacy.  Letters of recommendation are viewed more favorably if a pharmacist you have worked with writes the letter of recommendation.  If you do not know a pharmacist, you will need to find one who is willing to interview you and write a letter based on the interview.  The PharmCAS letter of recommendation form is required.
    19. May I attend your program part time?
      No, students must attend our program full time. Our program is accelerated and students are required to attend year round, enrolling in 18-19 units per semester.
    20. Must I have all the prerequisite courses completed before I apply?
      No, but you must have a plan in place which allows you to complete all requirements prior to entering our program. You should be enrolled in Organic Chemistry no later than the fall semester prior to the year you are applying.  You may enroll through the summer prior to entrance to fulfill requirements.
    21. I finished my prerequisites over seven years ago. Will they be accepted?
      Yes, the only stipulation is if it has been over seven years since you completed Organic Chemistry or Biology, you must take refresher courses in both of these areas.  Refresher courses must be in:  first and second semester organic chemistry with labs; and two courses of core biology with labs. (Examples: Genetics, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, or Cell Biology.
    22. Am I required to submit a resume with my supplemental application?
      Yes, students are required to submit resumes with their supplemental applications.  The resume should be in the format outlined in the supplemental application and should include a comprehensive list of outside classroom activities. Please include a contact person and phone number of someone who can verify your involvement.
    23. I applied to University of Pacific last year or the year before.  Do you still have my transcripts and recommendations on file?
      Applicant files are retained for one year, however, you are required to apply through PharmCAS and follow the new procedures in place.  All new documents, including transcripts, two letters of recommendation (on PharmCAS forms), and an updated resume are required.
    24. Where can I find cost/tuition information?
      A cost sheet is included with the application.  You may also obtain tuition costs from our website under Pharm D. Tuition (
    25. PharmCAS only accepts four letters of recommendation. What if I have not submitted the required ones for Pacific?
      You may send the required ones directly to Pacific. Please be sure your recommender completed the PharmCAS form. The Supplemental Recommendation form, available only from the Office of Admission, is also acceptable.
    26. Should I wait until I submit my PharmCAS application before submitting the Pacific Supplemental form?
      No, you should submit your PharmCAS and Supplemental Applications concurrently.  If your supplemental application is received prior to PharmCAS, we will hold your documents until your PharmCAS application is received. Please note we are not able to verify which supplemental documents were received until your PharmCAS application arrives. It is an advantage to apply early in the event something is missing, you will have time to send it.
    27. What are the minimum prerequisites needed to be eligible to apply to the program.
      There are two years worth of pre-requisites which must be completed prior to entrance.  You can view the Pharm D. Pre-requisites here. ( ).
    28. May I substitute Microeconomics for Macroeconomics?
      Only if you have a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or have completed a course in U.S. History, U.S. Political Science, or Introductory Sociology.
    29. Is there an admission test requirement?
      No, the PCAT is not required and Pacific will not take the scores into consideration if they are sent.
    30. I have already enrolled in a professional pharmacy program. Am I eligible to apply?
      No, Pacific is not able to accommodate students who are currently (or previously) enrolled in a professional pharmacy school.