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    Pharm D. Deadlines

    Applications may be submitted beginning on July 1, and consideration of complete applications for interview slots will begin on August 1 and proceed on a somewhat rolling basis. Since interview slots are limited, it is to your advantage to apply as early as possible. In fact, analysis of previous applicant pools indicated that early applicants (Tier 1) have been interviewed and admitted in greater proportions than on-time applicants in (Tier 2, 3, or 4).

    Applications received in Tier 1 will be reviewed prior to reviewing candidates in Tier 2.  Applications received in Tier 2 will be reviewed prior to reviewing files in Tier 3, and applicants in Tier 3 will be reviewed prior to Tier 4.

    • Tier 1July 1through September 1
    • Tier 2September 2 through October 1
    • Tier 3October 2 through November 1
    • Tier 4 - November 2 through December 1

    Tier 1 applicants will receive first considerations for interview slots. Tier 2 applicants will receive second consideration for interview slots. Tier 3 applicants will receive third consideration for interview slots. Tier 4 applicants will receive fourth consideration for interview slots. Applications not completed by December 1st are LATE and will unlikely be reviewed.

    Applications not completed by December 1st are LATE and typically are not reviewed.

    All documents must be received by both PharmCAS and Pacific to be considered complete.  In order to meet the deadline, PharmCAS must receive all documents by 9:00 p.m. Pacific time and all supplemental material must be postmarked by midnight on the deadline date.

    Applications not complete when received at Pacific will be accepted if all items are received before the deadline date.  All items to complete your application must be postmarked on or before December 1 and the Office of Admission will locate and match items to your application.  However, we will not guarantee that these files will be processed as quickly as applications that were received with all required information.  Also, if you file on the final deadline date and your application is missing a required item, you will not have an opportunity to submit the missing document(s).  Your application will be late and will not be reviewed.

    Applicants are reminded that transcripts and recommendations frequently take weeks, or even months to obtain. This is especially true of international coursework. Pacific regrets that we cannot extend the deadlines for the various tiers for students whose documents are delayed due to backlog or mishandling by the recommenders or schools. Applications completed after the deadline will not be reviewed. Please note the non-refundable $60.00 application fee is a processing fee and does not guarantee the review of your application if you miss the deadline.

    Additional information on the Pharm D. application timeline can be found on the Pharm D. Calendar of Events page.