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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): International Students

    Who is an international student?
    International students are applicants who need visas to live and study in the United States.

    I/my parents have applied for a green card. Am I still an international student?
    Yes. You are still considered an international student until you have the green card, and can send us a copy.

    Can international students apply to any undergraduate program at University of the Pacific?

    I attended a university after finishing high school (grades 9-12). Can I apply as a freshman, even if I only have a few credits?
    No. Anyone who attended a university or college after finishing high school must apply as a transfer student.

    What are the differences between a domestic (US citizen) application and an international application?All undergraduate applicants use the same application, and submit the same admissions materials. There are three differences for international students:

    1. An English language proficiency test may be required. It can be waived under certain circumstances.
    2. A certification of finances is required.
    3. Transfer student applicants with international transfer credit (college or university credit completed after high school outside the United States) are required to submit a course-by-course evaluation of their coursework from foreign universities and official course descriptions.

    Do I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS (English language proficiency test)?
    All international applicants are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS unless they meet one of the following waiver requirements:

    1. SAT Critical Reading (Verbal) of 570 (SAT 2016-present) or 510 (SAT prior to 2016)
    2. ACT Composite score of 22 or higher
    3. Citizens of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, United Kingdom and South Africa. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, you must take the SAT or ACT instead of an English language proficiency test. International transfer students with more than 30 units of college work do not need to take the SAT or ACT.
    4. All high school instruction in the U.S. and in English*
    5. "A" level English score of B or higher*
    6. AP English score of 4 or higher*
    7. IB English score of 5 or higher*
    8. Two English Composition courses at a university or college in the U.S., with grades of B or higher in both courses.
    9. One English Composition course and one Communications or Critical Thinking course at a university or college in the U.S., with grades of B or higher in both courses.

    *You must take the SAT or ACT instead of an English language proficiency test if you meet these waiver requirements. Minimum scores required for a waiver: Critical Reading (Verbal) of 570 on the SAT 2016-present or 510 SAT prior to 2016; ACT Composite score of 22.

    Is the SAT or ACT required for international students?
    The SAT or ACT is required if you apply to one of the following majors: biology, chemistry-biology, chemistry, dental hygiene, pre-dental and pre-pharmacy

    The SAT or ACT is also required if you want to be considered for the Powell Scholarship.

    Pacific accepts the SAT or ACT instead of the English language proficiency test only if applicants receive the following scores:

    • SAT Critical Reading (Verbal) of 570 (SAT 2016-present) or 510 (SAT prior to 2016)
    • ACT Composite score of 22 or higher

    I need to study English as Second Language (ESL) before I begin my major. Do you offer conditional admission?
    Conditional admission is available through University of the Pacific's partnership with Shorelight Education. Please email them for details at

    What is University of the Pacific’s institution codes for the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL?
    University of the Pacific’s institution code for the SAT and TOEFL is 4065. It is 0240 for the ACT.

    What are your admissions deadlines?
    The priority admissions deadline for the following Fall is November 15. That is our early action deadline. We recommend you apply by then in order to receive priority consideration for scholarships. You will also have an admissions decision by January unless you applied for the pre-dental or pre-pharmacy major. Students applying to one of those two majors will receive admissions decisions in March.

    Note: All pre-dental and pre-pharmacy majors must apply by November 15.

    Regular admission deadline: January 15

    Other admission deadlines:

    • Priority Fall admission, transfer students: February 15
    • Final fall deadline for all international students: June 1
    • Spring admission, dental hygiene transfer students: August 15
    • Spring admission, freshman and transfer students: November 15

    Are offers of admission binding in any way?
    An offer of admission is not binding, but we must receive a deposit of $600 to secure your place in the freshman class. Instructions for the deposit will be on your offer of admission. The deposit is due by May 1, and is non-refundable after that date.

    I want transfer credit for my classes at a university outside of the United States. Will I receive transfer credit? 
    All students who attended universities outside of the United States must submit an evaluation of their academic records. Transcripts must be reviewed by World Education Services (WES).   Request a Course-by-Course WES ICAP (International Credential Advantage Package) evaluation and have an official copy sent directly to University of the Pacific. Please review the WES website for evaluation fee information.

    The educational documentation you will need to submit to WES varies based on the country of study, as well as the highest level of education you have completed outside of the United States. We recommend that you visit the WES website ( to obtain information about what types of documentation are required for submission in order to obtain an evaluation report.

    All students who attended universities outside of the United States must also submit course descriptions of their completed university work. The course descriptions must come from either the school's website or official catalog. Please send the course descriptions to University of the Pacific's Office of Admission.

    Please see "Official Records of Study" or contact the Office of Admission for more details.

    Do you have scholarships for international students?
    Pacific does have scholarships for international students. Each scholarship is $10,000. That is the maximum award. The scholarship is awarded to international students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher/marks of 70-100/A and B grades.

    For more information, please visit the International Student Scholarship page.

    International students can also apply for University of the Pacific's Powell Scholarship. The Powell Scholarship requires a separate application and SAT or ACT scores. For more information, please visit the Powell Scholarship page. The Powell Scholarship is for $37,000.

    Do you know of any other sources for scholarships and financial aid?
    Here are some links to scholarship and financial resources for international students. These links are provided for your information only. These resources are not affiliated with or approved by University of the Pacific.

    Education USA -

    EduPass Scholarships for International Students -

    International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search - -

    Do international students have to pay more tuition than domestic students?
    No. All University of the Pacific students pay the same tuition and expenses.

    Do you have financial aid or scholarships for undocumented students?
    Pacific does not offer need-based financial aid to undocumented students. Undocumented students can apply for Pacific’s Powell Scholarship.

    What is the total cost of attendance? How much do I need to have on my certification of finances?
    Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Students can be found here.  The most up-to-date amount will be on the Certification of Finances Form (Admission Forms). Costs typically increase by about 5% every year.

    What is a certification of finances? Why do I need to send one? How do I submit it?
    All international students requiring an F1 visa must provide the University with a recent financial guarantee or recommendation in the form of a letter or account statement from a financial institution showing the specific dollar amount per year available to you and the duration of its availability. The dollar amount must be converted into US funds. If your study will be sponsored by a government agency, foreign embassy or private individual (such as a parent), the sponsor must submit a letter to the University indicating they will pay for your studies in the United States. The sponsor must also submit an account statement showing the specific dollar amount per year available to you and the duration of its availability. The following documents are required for a certification of finances:

    1. Completed "Certification of Finances" form.
    2. Official copies of bank statements or letter from a bank official showing the availability of funding equal to the dollar amount indicated on the "Statement of Financial Responsibility" form.  

    Documents can be mailed to:

    University of the Pacific
    Office of Admission
    3601 Pacific Ave.
    Stockton, CA 95211-0197

    Or emailed to


    I have a DDS degree from another country. Can I apply to the dental hygiene program?
    International students, US citizens and permanent residents with DDS degrees from outside the United States can apply as transfer students to the dental hygiene program. Transfer applications for only available for Spring admission, and are due on August 1.

    Transfer students applying to the dental hygiene program are required to complete prerequisite courses before enrolling in the program.

    Additionally, international students, U.S. citizens and permanent residents who attended (or attend) universities outside of the United States must submit a course-by-course evaluation of their academic records by Educational Credential Services Inc. (ECE) in order for their work to be calculated for transfer credit.

    Applicants must also submit official course descriptions for all their university work completed outside the United States.

    Please see "Official Records of Study" or contact the Office of Admission for more details.

    International students with DDS degrees are encouraged to explore Pacific's International Dental Studies Program. This is a program that gives graduates of foreign dental programs the opportunity to earn a DDS degree in the United States. For more information, please contact University of Pacific's Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at

    Please visit the International Dental Studies website for more information.