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We are glad you have decided to apply to Pacific! There are two ways undergraduates can apply to Pacific. You can use our own online application or Pacific is part of the Common Application (what is the Common App?).

To begin, select the type of student and appropriate terms in which you would like to apply.

1st Year/Freshman
Domestic and International applicants
Domestic and International applicants
Spring 2015/Fall 2015
Typically for High School Seniors graduating in Dec. 2014 or May/June 2015. For classes starting Jan. or Aug. 2015. 

Spring 2015/Fall 2015
Typically for Students wanting to transfer to Pacific and start taking classes Jan. 2015 or Aug. 2015.

RE-Admit Applicants

For Re-admission students, including current Pacific student applying to the Dental Hygiene Program or switching from a professional program to a new major, please visit the return to Active Status page of application and instructions.

Additional Forms

For other application forms, please visit the Undergraduate Applications and Other Forms page.