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    A readmit student is a student who has previously attended University of the Pacific and has been out at least one full year, (two consecutive semesters not including summer). If you have been out of school for only one semester, you are not a readmit student and will have to contact the Office of the Registrar in order to enroll in classes.

    Be sure to read the Additional information for Readmits.

    Readmit Process.

    1. Submit the Return to Active Status Application, No Fee!
    2. Turn in any additional course work completed, via official transcripts (sealed and unopened).
    3. Apply for financial aid ( if applicable.
    4. Contact student accounts to check if you have an outstanding balance. (A hold will be placed on your record if you have an unpaid fee/balance and you will not be able to register for classes).
    5. If you left on probationary or disqualified status you must be cleared to return by the dean of the school or college you wish to return to. It is your responsibility to set up this appointment once you have been cleared to do so by the Office of Admission.
    6. Contact the appropriate School/College/Program for advising purposes (Once you have been re-admitted and notified by the Office of Admission).
    7. Please note any special requirements for students switching to a new major, Conservatory/Music students, and Athletes


    School And Colleges / Programs Re-Admission Contact Information

    1. School of Business
      Associate Dean, Cynthia F. Eakin, Ph.D., (209) 946-2640
    2. College of the Pacific
      Senior Associate Dean Gregg Jongeward, (209) 946-2141
    3. Conservatory of Music
      Dean, Giulio Ongaro, (209) 946-2415
    4. School of Education
      Department Chair, Marilyn Draheim, (209) 946-2852
    5. School of Engineering and Computer Science
      Assistant Dean Gary Martin, (209) 946-3064
    6. School of International Studies
      Associate Dean Mary-Lou Tyler, (209) 946-2650
    7. Speech Language Pathology
      Department Chair, Robert Hanyak, (209) 946-2381
    8. Organizational Behavior (CPCE)
      Associate Director, David Hamlett (209) 946-3808
    9. Dental Hygiene
      Director - Dental Hygiene, Deborah Horlak (209) 946-7477
    10. Doctor of Pharmacy
      Associate Dean, Jim Uchizono (209) 946-2563

    All readmit applicants must be cleared by Student Affairs prior to re-entry to University of the Pacific. If you have a judicial matter, please contact the Academic Support Services as soon as possible at: (209) 946-2177 or visit the Student Conduct Web Page


    Additional information for re-admits.

    1. Switching from your current major to a new major -- an interview may be required.
    2. Conservatory Students -- an audition may be required.
    3. Athletes -- a student athlete should be in communication with an athletic compliance staff member to discuss eligibility.
    4. Doctor of Pharmacy applicants-- Students applying to return to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the Thomas J Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, who cannot complete the degree within five years of initially entering the professional program or who previously attended under a different major, are required to submit a new PharmCAS and supplemental application. If the curriculum has changed since you left the program, you will be required to complete the new curriculum in full. New applications can be completed at
    5. If you are a former Pacific student returning to complete the last few units or courses of your degree by the end of summer, please complete the Return to Active Status form to automatically activate access to registration. To verify your remaining degree requirements, please contact your faculty advisor or school/college. Be sure to send official transcripts to the Admission Office for any courses taken at other institutions since last enrolled in Pacific.
    6. Dental Hygiene -- If you are a current student at Pacific who wants to change your major to Dental Hygiene, please complete the Change of Program/Major Form.

    For further questions, please contact the Office of Admission.