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Places of Worship, Prayer, and Meditation

There are a number of places on and off campus for members of our community to pray, reflect, meditate, and worship. Below is a list of the ones that are used most often on campus, followed by a list of places of worship in the community:

  • Morris Chapel 

    Morrris ChapelMorris Chapel serves as a religious and spiritual center for both the University and Stockton communities. While the chapel has its foundations in the Methodist church, it now serves as a non-denominational Chapel, welcoming people of all faiths. Morris Chapel bears witness to our history and our continuing commitment to support the spiritual lives of all Pacific students. Throughout the year, you will see a variety of events at Morris Chapel, including but not limited to: weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, memorials, initiations, pinning ceremonies, and the University's Annual Interfaith Baccalaureate Service during Commencement Weekend.

    There are a variety of opportunities for the Pacific community to worship and meditate in Morris Chapel.

    During the academic year, the following services are held in Morris Chapel:
    Morning Prayer: In the Christian Tradition Tuesday Weekly 8:00 am followed by Fair Trade Café
    Buddhist Meditation Wednesday Weekly 5:30pm
    Catholic Mass Sunday Weekly 8:00pm

    During business hours, Morris Chapel is open for prayer and meditation given that no special events are being held.  

    Summer Hours: 

    Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm
    Saturday, Sunday: Open for weddings and other events

    Academic Year hours:
    Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
    Saturday, Sunday: Open for weddings and other events 

    Learn more about the History of Morris Chapel

  • Sacred Space 

    Sacred Space provides a place for students to pray and meditate.  Sacred Space is open to students of all religious and philosophical traditions, and is open daily throughout the school year.  

    If you would like to hold a service, scriptural studies, meditate, or use the Sacred Space after the Chaplain's Office business hours, please contact the Office of the Chaplain at 209.946.2538 or email

    Chaplain's Office business hours:
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm
    Saturday-Sunday: closed 

  • Reflection Pool 

    The reflection pool in front of the DeRosa University Center is a beautiful place to have a moment of quiet reflection. This is often a place where prayer services, candlelight vigils, and other gatherings will take place on campus.

  • Meditation Garden  

    The meditation garden is located behind Morris Chapel and is a nice secluded place on campus to have a quiet moment.

  • Places of Worship in Stockton 

    There are over 160 religious organizations and places of worship in San Joaquin County.  Here are some of the local places of worship in Stockton. 

    To list your local place of worship, please contact the University Chaplain's Office at 209.946.2325.


    Stockton Buddhist Temple
    2820 Shimizu Drive

    Christian - Anglican

    The Church of St. John the Evangelist
    316 N. El Dorado Street

    Christian - Assemblies of God

    Lakeview Assembly
    2111 Quail Lakes Drive

    Christian - Baptist

    First Baptist Church
    3535 N. El Dorado Streel

    Michigan Heights Baptist Church
    3156 Michigan Ave.

    Quail Lakes Baptist Church
    1904 Quail Lakes Drive

    Christian - Catholic

    Cathedral of the Annunciation
    Rose and Van Buren Streets

    Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    6715 Leesburg Place

    St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church
    3847 N. Sutter Street

    Christian - Church of the Nazarene

    First Church of the Nazarene
    915 Rosemarie Lane

    Christian - Christian Science

    First Church of Christ, Scientist

    Christian - Covenant Church

    Stockton Covenant Church
    1720 Oxford Way

    Christian - Disciples of Christ

    Mayfair Christian Church
    5 West Swain Road

    Christian - Episcopal

    Episcopal Church of St. Anne's
    1020 W. Lincoln Road

    Christian - Greek Orthodox

    St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church
    920 W. March Lane

    Christian - Lutheran

    Faith Lutheran Church
    3645 N. El Dorado Street

    St. Andrew's Lutheran Church
    4910 Claremont Avenue

    Christian - Methodist

    Central United Methodist Church
    3700 Pacific Avenue

    Grace United Methodist Church
    1625 N. Lincoln Street

    Holy Cross United Methodist Church
    1200 W. Hammer Lane

    Christian - Mormon

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    800 W. Brookside Road

    Christian - Non-denominational

    Reality Stockton
    Empire Theater
    1825 Pacific Avenue

    Christian - Pentecostal

    Christian Life Center
    9025 N. West Lane

    Christian - Presbyterian

    Calvary Presbyterian Church
    1239 S. Monroe Street

    First Presbyterian Church
    N. El Dorado and E. Vine Streets

    Lincoln Presbyterian Church
    900 Douglas Road

    Christian - Unitarian Universalist

    First Unitarian Church
    2737 Pacific Avenue

    Jewish - Reform

    Temple Israel
    5101 N. El Dorado Street


    Masjid Us-Sadiq [Student Mosque]
    1545 Julian Street


    Tsubaki Grand Shrine
    1545 W. Alpine Avenue


    Stockton Gurdwara Sahib
    1930 S. Grant Street

    Lodi Sikh Tmple
    12098 N. West Lane
    Lodi, CA