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Meal Plans

University of the Pacific Dining Services: Meal Plans

The University of the Pacific offers five different levels of meal plans to students living on-campus. They are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze. Listed below are the dining point amounts for each meal plan level. Please note that these amounts are for the dining points you will receive, and not the cost of the meal plan. For more information on the cost of the meal plans, please refer to our rates.

2016-2017 General Term:

Meal Plan Levels Dining Point Amounts
Platinum 2,260 Semester/4,520 Year
Gold 2,114 Semester/4,228 Year
Silver 1,939 Semester/3,878 Year
Copper 1,450 Semester/2,900 Year
Bronze 705 Semester/1,410 Year

2016-2017 Pharmacy Term:

Meal Plan Levels Dining Point Amounts
Platinum 1,507 Trimester/4,521 Year
Gold 1,409 Trimester/4,227 Year
Silver 1,293 Trimester/3,879 Year
Copper 967 Trimester/2,901 Year
Bronze 469 Trimester/1,407 Year

Room and meal plan rates are charged as a combined fee by the semester/term and are due as billed by the Office of Student Accounts. There are two semesters for general university (fall and spring) and three semesters for professional Pharmacy and Health Sciences students (fall, spring, summer). Rates are subject to change. Students residing in residence halls must participate in at least a Silver Meal Plan each semester/term. Students residing in apartments have a choice of the Copper or Bronze plan but must participate in at least a Bronze Meal Plan each semester/term. Students residing in the fraternities and sororities are required to participate in either a university or fraternity/sorority meal plan each semester/term. For those on a fraternity/sorority meal plan that do not offer meals on the weekends, the University encourages these students to purchase a supplemental copper or bronze level meal plan from the University.  Unused dining points are forfeited at the end of each academic year and are nontransferable. Students may transfer up to 300 dining points from the fall to spring terms (fall to spring and spring to summer pharmacy terms). Students who wish to decrease their meal plan, must do so prior to the beginning of the semester/term. No decreases will be allowed once the semester/term has begun. You can increase your meal plan at anytime by submitting a form in the Residential Life & Housing office.  For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

In order to budget your dining points for each semester, please review the following spending grid to see what amount of dining points you should on a given date.