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Housing Options for 1st Year Students

The Quad Community
Carter House, Casa Jackson, Casa Werner, Eiselen House, Farley House, John Ballantyne, Jessie Ballantyne, Price House, Ritter House, Wemyss House

The Quad is a group of ten small residential communities located near the College of the Pacific, Benerd School of Education, Baun Fitness Center, School of International Studies, South Campus, and Athletic Facilities. Approximately 660 first year students live in these three story buildings each housing approximately 55 to 95 residents. Buildings are co-ed with single gender floors and bathrooms. In addition, all communities feature central heat and air conditioning.

Honors Residential Learning Community, reserved for students who were invited and accepted to be in Pacific's Honors Program is located in John Ballantyne Hall.

Casa Jackson is where the International Housing Experience is located. If you are interested in the International Housing Experience please select the option when completing your preferences online.

Take a virtual tour of the Quad courtyard.

SouthWest Hall
SouthWest Hall is the second largest residence hall on-campus, housing 248 first and second year students. SouthWest Hall is located near the School of Engineering and Computer Science, College of the Pacific, the Conservatory of Music, and the library.