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Campus Escort - STRIPES

The STRIPES service provide escorts to people on campus and extends the presence of the University Police by their presence on campus. The STRIPES unit is composed of trained student workers. If you are traveling in a larger group that STRIPES cannot accommodate in one trip, consider the Campus Shuttle Program

Text 209.624.8747 for STRIPES transport

STRIPES Hours of Operation

7 days a week 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM

The STRIPE unit operates from the ground floor of Cowell Wellness Center. In addition, they can be seen patrolling campus dressed in a grey shirt and black pants uniform.  They are in radio contact with the Public Safety dispatcher and are able to assist with door locks and unlocks.

See or flyer for details

Obtaining an Escort

There are two ways to get an escort on campus:

  • Call STRIPES at 209.624.8747.
  • Call the Public Safety dispatcher.
  • You will need to give your name, location and destination.
  • University Police will handle the escort if the STRIPE unit is off duty.
  • If you see a STRIPE unit driving about campus, stop and ask for an escort.

How to Join STRIPES

STRIPES always welcomes new members. To apply, visit the Department of Public Safety or call 209.946.2537. You can also download an application HERE.

Student-made video about STRIPES

Two Pacific students made a video about the STRIPES Service.