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Active Shooter on Campus

Report an Emergency - 209.946.3911 (63911 from University phones) 
University Emergency Website - During an emergency, this site will provide up-to-date information
Register for PacificCONNECT - Pacific's emergency messaging system for students and employees

In the event there is an individual(s) actively shooting a gun on campus:

  1. Remain calm.

  2. Do not attempt to approach the person with the weapon.

  3. If outside, use your surroundings to take cover (i.e. trees, bushes, walls, etc.). If you are in an open area, lie flat on the ground.

  4. If you are inside, lock your door, turn off the lights and close your blinds or drapes. If you are unable to lock your door, use everything in the room to block it (i.e. desks, furniture, books).

  5. If you are in a classroom, make sure students and other personnel remain inside. Take a roll for any missing students.

  6. Contact Public Safety via any "Blue" emergency phone or by calling6-9311 or 209.946.2537.

  7. While waiting for Public Safety and/or emergency personnel, stay on the floor and away from windows.

  8. Follow instructions of emergency personnel.