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Bomb Threat

Report an Emergency - 209.946.3911 (63911 from University phones) 
University Emergency Website - During an emergency, this site will provide up-to-date information
Register for PacificCONNECT - Pacific's emergency messaging system for students and employees

In the event of a bomb threat on campus, the following procedures should be followed:

If you notice a suspicious looking package on campus:

  1. DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT. Clear the area and immediately contact Public Safety via any "Blue" emergency phone or by calling 9-3911 or 209-946-2537

If you receive a bomb threat made by phone:

  1. Remain calm, listen carefully and keep the caller on the line as long as possible.

  2. Identify and record the caller's number from the phone if it is available.

  3. If the caller remains on line, ask:
    1. When is the bomb going to explode?
    2. Where is the bomb located?
    3. What kind of bomb is it?
    4. What does it look like?
    5. What is the reason for the bomb threat?

  4. Record every word spoken by the person and gather as much information as possible such as:
    1. Time of call
    2. Estimated age and gender of the caller
    3. Any speech pattern or dialect
    4. Emotional state of the caller
    5. Any background noise you might hear

  5. Contact Public Safety via any "Blue" emergency phone or by calling9-3911 or 209.946.2537.

  6. Do not activate any fire alarms and avoid using cell phones due to the possibility of their electrical current activating a potential bomb.

  7. Follow all instructions from emergency personnel.

If you receive a bomb threat by written communication:

  1. Contact Public Safety via any "Blue" emergency phone or by calling9-3911 or 209.945.2537.

  2. Hand the written communication to Public Safety along with the following information:
    1. Who found it?
    2. Where was it found?
    3. When was it found or delivered?
    4. Who touched it?