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Bicycle Safety Information

Never lock your bicycle to a stairwell inside a residence hall, in compliance with fire codes and personal safety concerns. In the event of an emergency, your bike could be come a dangerous obstacle for people trying to exit the building.

Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Use bicycle paths when available
  • Use hand signals when appropriate
  • Watch out for pedestrians and motorists
  • Always ride in the same direction as the traffic
  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Stay as near as possible to the curb or the edge of the road
  • Use lights while riding at night
  • Use caution when passing parked cars as doors can be opened without warning
  • Always wear a safety helmet

Bicycle Registration

California Vehicle Code, Division 16.7 and the Stockton Municipal Code Section 10-072.1 require you to license your bicycle. The Department of Public Safety can help you register your bicycle with the Stockton Police Department.

Registration forms are available at the Department of Public Safety. The cost is $8.00. We will forward your registration and your check to the Stockton Police Department.