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Victim's Advocacy Program

The Victim Advocacy Program provides free information, advocacy and support to students and employees who may be victims of crime, violence or abuse. The victim advocate is a confidential resource on all three campuses.  

Download the confidential report for sexual assault

The Victim Advocate strives to treat victims with compassion and respect and provides education and training to the Pacific Community.

Confidentiality Policy

The University of the Pacific’s Victim Advocacy Program assures confidentiality. Student’s names and personal information will be kept confidential unless written permission is received to release the information to a third party or unless one of the following exceptions is met:

  • Knowledge of suicidal or homicidal thoughts
  • Knowledge that child/elder abuse has occurred
  • Information court-ordered by a judge
  • Threat to the safety of the student/community
  • (No personal information will be given to authorities).

    Contact Information

    The Victim Advocate is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all three campuses and can be reached by calling 209.403.0250.


    Office location Public Safety - Lower Level Cowell Wellness Center
    Office phone 209.946.2428


    Our program is independent of the police. Police reports are encouraged; however, reports are not required for information and referral assistance.

    Sexual Misconduct

    Sexual Misconduct may be self-reported.

    Download the confidential report for sexual assault.

    Instructions for Mailing the Sexual Misconduct Form

    1. Please send the completed form in a sealed envelope marked confidential.
    2. Address the envelope to the Victim Advocate - Department of Public Safety.
    3. If you would like to remain anonymous please only include your initials at the top of the form.

    See also: Pacific's Current Sexual Misconduct Policy