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Career Compass

There are lots of things you can do before graduation that will help you transition from a college student to a working professional. The Career Compass consists of easy to follow checklists designed to help you pace yourself in your career planning and guide you through four development phases. Each phase includes an Annual Checklist with a map of our services that help you meet those tasks.

You can follow these phases over your years at Pacific, but note it is natural to return to prior phases or to jump ahead. Career development is not always a linear process for most people and by recognizing that, you can make yourself more open to opportunities you may have not considered before.

Download the Full Career Compass or click on a quadrant below to view an individual phase.


How to use the Career Compass

Each phase is divided into the following four levels of attention.

1. Developmental Goals:These are the main points that define how a Phase can be accomplished.

2. To-Do's: If there are only a few things you are able to handle during an academic year, choose these tasks. Consider them career priorities.

3. Recommendations: To maintain a good pace in your career development, accomplishing these tasks will make you prepared for planned and unplanned opportunities in the near future.

4. Ongoing Activities: For those up for a challenge and interested in getting ahead, these are works-in-progress that may help distinguish you from others in the right situation.

  • Keep the Annual Checklists handy and check off what you have completed.
  • For suggestions of resources for each task, review the accompanying maps.
  • Resources in red are links you can click on while viewing the document as an electronic file so you can access what you need, when you need it.

Prioritize what you can handle, then challenge yourself when you can. Return to other phases if you need to, but don't save it all right before graduation. If in doubt, you can always visit us at the CRC.