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Job Searching

Tiger Jobs
The Career Resource Center has a dedicated employer relations team who works to connect with employers who want to recruit Pacific students and alumni.  To view current full-time and internship positions,  log into your to Tiger Jobs account and click on the "jobs" tab.

In order to apply for these positions, you will need a well thought-out cover letter, a concise resume, and a list of references. Before you can apply to a position through Tiger Jobs, you must schedule an appointment to have your resume reviewed by the Career Resource Center.

Job Boards
You can also look for jobs on online job boards where employers post their open positions. Some sites specifically list of have a section for jobs for new grads.

See this resource for the CRC's comprehensive list of job boards.

On-Campus Interviews
On-campus interviews are a convenient way for you to interview with prospective employers.  A number of high caliber organizations conduct on-campus interviews throughout the year, for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. To find out which organizations will be conducting on-campus interviews, to apply for opportunities, or to sign up for an interview, log into your Tiger Jobs account.

On-Campus or Work-study Jobs
Many university departments hire Pacific students into part-time positions. While many of these positions are open to all students, some require students to have federal work study funds as part of their financial aid package. Students who are awarded federal work-study are eligible to apply for jobs that are designated as "on-campus work study" positions.

Available work study positions and other on-campus jobs can be viewed through Tiger Jobs. Incoming students can access Tiger Jobs through insidePacific (on the living tab) after Aug 23rd. In the meantime, students should review the Student Employment FAQ's and begin preparing their resumes, so they will be ready to apply to positions after Aug 23rd.  You can also review the Tiger Jobs On-campus Employment Training Video.