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Tiger Jobs


Tiger Jobs is your online connection to employers and alumni! On Tiger Jobs, you can find postings for:

  • On-campus jobs (both federal work-study and non federal work-study positions)
  • Career opportunities for recent graduates and alumni
  • Internships for all majors
  • Co-op positions

You can also find:

  • A comprehensive list of Pacific's employer partners
  • A list of alumni mentors who want to connect with students
  • Information about Career Resource Center workshops and events
  • A schedule of when employers will be visiting campus to conduct interviews or company information sessions
  • Job search resources

Students can access Tiger Jobs, through their insidePacific account.  The link to Tiger Jobs is located under the "Living" tab.  For help in navigating Tiger Jobs, refer to the Tiger Jobs FAQ's or call the Career Resource Center at 209.946.2361.

Having Trouble Logging into Tiger Jobs?
If you are a new student, you will not have access to Tiger Jobs until Aug 23rd. If you are a returning student, and are unable to log into Tiger Jobs, please try resetting your password with Locksmith. If you are still not able to log in, please call the Career Resource Center and we will be happy to assist you.


Pacific Alumni can have access to all of the job seeking benefits of Tiger Jobs free of charge for life!  Alumni can obtain access to view job postings and employer information by emailing Austin Ogan and requesting accesss to Tiger Jobs. 

If you are looking to obtain a full-time staff or faculty position at University of the Pacific, please contact Pacific's Human Resources department.


Employers can post internship and job opportunities for Pacific students and alumni free of charge by registering for a Tiger Jobs account.


  • Need an On-Campus or Work-study Job? 

    Many university departments hire Pacific students into part-time positions. While many of these positions are open to all students, some require students to have federal work study funds as part of their financial aid package. Students who are awarded federal work-study are eligible to apply for jobs that are designated as "on-campus work study" positions. Available work study positions and other on-campus jobs can be viewed through Tiger Jobs, Pacific's online job board. Incoming students can access Tiger Jobs through insidePacific (on the living tab) after Aug 23rd. In the meantime, students should review the Student Employment FAQ's and begin preparing their resumes, so they will be ready to apply to positions after Aug 23rd.  You can also review the Tiger Jobs On-campus Employment Training Video.