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Health Services at the Sacramento Campus

In case of a medical emergency please refer to the Emergencies and After Hours Care page

Call 209.946.2315 option 1 for an appointment or book online with MyHealth@Pacific

2988 35th Street (down the street from main campus, across from the park)

Monday and Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We close on all holidays and three times yearly for department and division retreats.  

To use the services, you must pay a $140 Cowell Wellness Center fee each semester or $20 access fee per visit. 

2016-2017 Price List

Want to know how to walk to the clinic from campus? Watch this quick video!

  • Primary Care 

    If you have an acute illness or injury, please call for an appointment.

    The Nurse Practitioners and Physician can manage most primary care concerns. Occasionally, a student must be referred to off campus care due to the nature and complexity of the problem.

    We can provide:

    • treatment for minor illnesses and injuries
    • laboratory services (blood draws take place off campus)
    • preventive screenings
    • sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
  • Physicals 

    We provide by appointment physicals for:

    • routine physicals
    • study abroad
    • athletics
    • pre-employment

    You should bring all available immunization records, a list of your current medications, and allergies. If the physical form contains any portions "to be completed by the student/candidate", please have the appropriate sections completed before your arrival and bring that portion with you.

  • Immunizations 

    We offer the following immunizations:

    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis A
    • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)
    • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (TDaP)
    • Influenza vaccines (seasonal)
    • HPV
    • Varivax (chicken pox)
    • Menveo (Meningitis)

    We can also obtain required antibody titers.

    Although TB skin tests are not an immunization, we also provide them. There are nominal charges for vaccines, titers, and TB skin tests; however for those students covered under the Student Health Insurance plan all immunizations, titers and TB tests are a covered benefit when provided by our providers. Always ask about applicable fees when scheduling an appointment.

  • Counseling Services 

    Counseling Services provides assistance to students who are encountering depression, anxiety, adjustment problems and/or who are experiencing emotional distress. Our therapists are trained to aid students in building self-confidence, making healthy choices, choosing assertive communication, relating to others, developing/solidifying identity, and working with more serious mental health concerns.

    In addition, Counseling Services offers psychiatric medication management, crisis consultation, and outreach programming. To learn more about Counseling Services, go to their web page or call 209.946.2315 ext. 2.

  • Referrals 

    Providers will evaluate the need for off campus care, and make the appropriate referral; we will work with the student's health insurance plan as much as possible.

    Our providers will see all students. However, if you have Kaiser insurance or another HMO plan and need a referral to a specialist, then it must be done through your primary care provider to be covered by your plan.

    The Student Health Insurance Plan requires Pacific Health Services to be utilized first if you are located within a 50 mile radius of the Stockton campus. Always ask about applicable fees when scheduling an appointment.

  • Telephone Nurse Advice 

    Telephone advice on any health concern is available whenever Pacific Health Services is closed, or when a provider is unavailable. This service is available to all active and registered students by calling 209.946.2315. If you are not sure what to do, where to go, or just need to ask a health-related question, the Advice Nurse can assist you. You will be expected to give your name and student ID number when using the service. 

    All information is confidential. We receive a fax copy of the encounter so that we can provide any needed follow-up. You may receive a phone call from a Health Services staff member to check on your condition

  • Women's Care  Routine gynecologic exams with Pap tests are available by appointment. We also offer STI screening, evaluation and treatment of vaginal infections, contraceptive counseling and prescription; emergency contraception is available. Female students that have enrolled into the Student Health Insurance plan or a Preferred Provider Organization are able to receive one annual Pap test as a covered benefit. Always ask about applicable fees when scheduling an appointment.
  • Medications  Pacific Health Services stocks medications commonly used in a primary care setting including antibiotics, oral contraceptives and more. These are available for purchase at a nominal charge; otherwise a student can elect to take a written prescription to fill at a local pharmacy.