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Pacific Ambassadors

Pacific Ambassadors serve as campus tour guides, Orientation leaders, "hosts" at Pacific events, and Welcome Center Staff. For these reasons, the members of this organization have earned the title as the "face" of Pacific. You will most likely see one of their faces on a campus visit, and they are always happy to serve you in any way they can.


As campus leaders, Ambassadors are trained to be well-informed, helpful resources to prospective students, new students, and families. Students gain experience working with groups and develop excellent verbal and presentation skills, which can be helpful throughout life. Ambassadors build connections by meeting faculty, staff, and students at Pacific. By attending bi-monthly meetings, provide weekly tours to potential students and special interest groups and assist with community and University events, the Ambassadors are prepared for the professional world. Additionally, they all have a strong desire to serve the Pacific Community and always strive to make this campus better than it already is.

Pacific Ambassadors are full-time undergraduate students with at least a 2.5 GPA. Collectively, Ambassadors belong to all 7 colleges in nearly 50 majors. 

Whether it's Greek Life, intramural sports ,or clubs, you will find Pacific Ambassadors all over campus. With first-hand experience, we take pride in being a diverse, distinctive, and close- knit organization.